Please join us for our Interfaith Confirmation class. We will be reading and discussing the book Understanding World Religions in 15 Minutes a Day. Class begins 10:45 a.m. every other Sunday following our worship service. You don't need the book to join us for discussion but if you do, contact the church and leave a message for Steve or Melissa at (651) 454-1311 or email to
Here's the schedule:

     Sept. 20th     Introduction

     Oct. 4th         Christianity (Chapters 3-7 and 34)

     Oct. 18th        Islam (Chapters 14-19)

     Nov. 1st         Zoroastrianism (Chapter 25)

     Nov. 15th       Buddhism (Chapters 26-28)

     Nov. 29th       Mormonism (Chapter 36)

     Dec. 13th       Paganism (Chapters 8 & 38)

     April 17th       Native American (Chapter 9)

                             Sikhism (Chapter 25)

                             Baha'i (Chapter 20)

                             Hinduism (Chapters 21-23)

                             Confucianism (Chapter 29)

Please remember – the rule that guides this class is RESPECT. Respect for other faiths even if you don’t agree and respect for your fellow participants.

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Mendota Heights United Church of Christ


On April 24, we are having a very special service. Rebecca Shavit-Lonstein will do a reading and reflection from the Torah; Sarah Abe will give a reading and reflection from the Quran; and Melissa Waskiewicz will give a reading and reflection from the Bible. There will be music from our choir led by Carla Alcorn. It will be a beautiful morning of learning, respect, and peace.
Please join us for this wonderful experience.
ALL are welcome and encouraged!